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Announcement 18 March 22: Extension of deadline and DOI for all papers accepted

Announcement 30 March 22: Extension of deadline for full paper submission and Registration Opening 

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Announcement 15 July 2022: Extension of Deadline for Final paper submission (camera ready version)


We are moving fast towards new scenarios in engineering education. Not only is technology strongly influencing education, human and social factors are also at the core of essential ways of shaping a new future for universities.

How can we shape the future of learning and teaching?

We can have a say, as we have comprehensive experience in all relevant elements that influence learning. We share our passion for education. We have the will to accompany teachers and new academics on the road to engineering education. We have all the SEFI Special Interest Groups working hard on key topics.

Let us share our vision for the future and the new scenarios that open up and bring together the transformative capacity of universities and teachers.

The focus of the conference also explores the new scenarios that European alliances of tech universities open up for the future of engineering education.

The UPC and its Institute of Education Sciences have just celebrated 50 years in teaching and education. Therefore, at this 50th SEFI annual conference, the SEFI and the UPC are pleased to invite everyone to participate.

Theme of SEFI 2022

"Towards a new future in engineering education", new scenarios that European alliances of tech universities open up.

Conference Tracks

    1. Entrepreneurship Education.

    2. Artificial Intelligence in Education.

    3. Student Engagement. Building Communities and Coordination.

    4. Industry and Companies liaison. Regional Involvement and Innovation.

    5. Mentorship and Tutorship.

    6. Fostering Engineering Education Research.

    7. Sustainability. Sustainable Development Goals.

    8. Ethics in Engineering Education. Social and Service Learning, Cooperation for Development.

    9. Virtual and Remote Labs.

    10. Navigating Open Learning Environments (Moodle and others).

    11. Mathematics at the heart of Engineering.

    12. Physics and Engineering Education.

    13. Architecture Education.

    14. Challenges of new European Universities (Joint Programmes, Flexible Study Pathways, Student Mobility, Metacampus, Co-teaching, Co-creation with students, ...).

    15. Attractiveness of Engineering, Gender and Diversity.

    16. Curriculum Development, Engineering Skills, Lifelong Learning. (Including skills and competences, transition to labour market, self-awareness, management of self, creativity and innovation, management competences, employability, competitiveness, professional development, career planning, principles and values).

Contributions on any other topic on Engineering Education are also welcome.

At SEFI 2022 you can submit four different types of proposals

Research paper, presenting original research following the standard practices for engineering education research. Abstract length: max. 250 words. The final length of the research paper is 6-8 p (excl references).

Concept paper, presenting ongoing projects and completed studies of practice in engineering education. Abstract length: max. 250 words. The final length of the concept paper is 6-8 p (excl references).

Short paper, a shortened version of a concept or research paper. Abstract length: max. 250 words. The final length of the short paper is 3-4 p (excl references).

Workshop: an engaging and interactive session with a sound theoretical foundation and an attractive translation to the practice of engineering education. Abstract length: max. 500 words.

Important dates SEFI 2022
Abstract submission: 19.03.2022 -

Extended 30.03.2022

Early Bird Registration: 01.07.2022
Full paper submission: 19.04.2022-

Extended 30.04.2022

Final paper submission: 15.07.2022-

Extended 22.07.2022

Full workshop description submission: 01.05.2022
Dates of Conference: 19-22.09.2022
Notification of final acceptance: 08.06.2022

At the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech, in Catalonia, we are pleased to be hosting and organising the 50th conference of the European Society for Engineering Education. And It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2022 SEFI annual conference, "Towards a new future in engineering education", new scenarios that European alliances of tech universities open up. This year, it will be held in Barcelona from 19th to the 22nd September 2022.